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Book presentation Human Rights Transformation in Practice

Human Rights are described as under thread, but are Human Rights really threathened with extinction? Tine Destrooper (Human Rights Centre, UGent) and Sally Engle Merry (New York University) searched in their book “Human Rights Transformation in Practice” for answers.

On research conducted in several countries, the book formulates a start of an answer to questions like “How can activists cope with the political and economic presure?”; “Why do they moblize for human rights and how?”; “Is there a need of a new big story, or should we just start form the practice to see the future of human rights?”…

With speakers:

  • Ellen Desmet (prof. Migration Rights, UGent)
  • Tine Destrooper (prof. Human Rights and Transitional Justice, Ugent)
  • Arne Vandenbogaerde (research coordinator, Faculty of Law and Criminology, UGent)
  • Wouter Vandenhole (prof. Human Rights, Antwerp University)

Moderator: Brigitte Herremans


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