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Seminar Procedural Review and ECHR

Procedural review and the European Court of Human Rights

Expert Seminar Ghent, 21-22 May 2015

Law Faculty BraunschoolDraft programme (18 January 2015) for the seminar Procedural review and ECHR

 Arrival foreign guests: Wednesday 20 May

Venue: Law Faculty Board Room

 Thursday 21 May

9.30: Welcome (Janneke Gerards & Eva Brems)

9.45-10.30: paper 1: Procedural review by the ECtHR: a typology
Janneke Gerards (Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands) 

10.30-11.00: break

 11.00-11.45: paper 2: The ‘logics’ of procedural-type review

Eva Brems (Gent University, Belgium)

11.45- 12.30: paper 3: Strong and weak form review, dialogue and the argument from procedure

Aruna Sathanapally (McKinsey, UK)

12.30- 14.00: lunch break (sandwich lunch)

 14.00 -14.45: paper 4: Responsiveness towards fundamental rights impacts in the preparation of EU legislation

Anne Meuwese and Fay Kartner (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)

14.45-15.30: paper 5: View from the European Court of Human Rights (part 1)

Angelika Nussberger (European Court of Human Rights)

15.30-16.00: break

 16.0Court ECHR0-16.45: paper 6: View from the European Court of Human Rights (part 2)

Francoise Tulkens (former judge in the ECtHR)

End of first day 17.00

 Dinner 19.00

Friday 22 May

9.00: Welcome

 9.15-10.00: paper 1: Procedural review and procedural requirements in fundamental rights cases decided by the CJEU

Malu Beijer (Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands)

 10.00 – 10.45; paper 2: Procedural review and procedural requirements in cases decided by the WTO Appellate Body-

Isabelle Van Damme (European Court of Justice, Luxembourg)

10.40-11.15: break

 11.15-12.00: paper 3: A view on procedural review from the United Kingdom

Roger Masterman (Durham University, United Kingdom)

 12.00- 12.45: paper 4: The Role of Courts in Regulatory Policy Diffusion and Divergence

Patricia Popelier (Antwerp University, Belgium)

13.00: lunch


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