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Human Rights Week from 5 – 9 december 2022

The UGent Human Rights Research Network (HRRN) organises the Human Rights Week at Ghent University from 5 to 9 December 2022 to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10th 2022.

This year we focus on the topic ‘How do we fight? The many ways to defend our human rights’.
The activities of the human rights week explore the notions of fighting for and defending human rights. Whether in relation to the climate crisis, displacement or abuse of corporate power, we will reflect on what moves us to act. When do we decide that it is time to respond? How does a sense of urgency emerge? At the same time, the Human Rights Week will offer a glimpse into the many possibilities that exist when taking action. What are appropriate forms of fighting for and defending human rights? What do we perceive as ‘extreme’, or as ‘not enough’? The activities of the human rights week will delve into these questions and foster conversations on the multiple ways in which we may play a role in fighting for and defending what we consider of utmost value.

The programme includes the film screening of ‘Why we Fight?’, ‘The New Corporation’, and ‘Duty of Care’ followed by panel discussions with their directors, lectures on business and human rights, decolonisation and literature, and online intimidation of environmental activists, the presentation of the exhibition ‘Stitching as Rights Narrative’, and a public debate about climate change and human rights at the library De Krook.

Have a look at the full programme here.
We look forward to meeting you during the Human Rights Week!

The organising team: Mathilde Brackx, Giselle Corradi, Stef Craps, Ellen Desmet, Brigitte Herremans, Sarah Kerremans, Jan Orbie, Lien Stolle, Emma Várnagy, Sofie Verclyte, Jinske Verhellen


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