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Prof Dr Clara Burbano Herrera receives prestigious European research grant

Prof Dr Clara Burbano Herrera receives prestigious European research grant

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Professor Clara Burbano Herrera, who specialises in human rights, an ERC Consolidator Grant. The goal of the ERC is to support top researchers from anywhere in the world.

Professor Clara Burbano Herrera of the Faculty of Law and Criminology and the Programme for Studies on Human Rights in Context of the Human Rights Centre has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant.

Clara Burbano Herrera conducts research on so-called ‘urgent measures’, granted by international human rights bodies to protect persons in a situation of extreme gravity and urgency, for example when someone’s right to life, integrity or health is at risk of being violated. Just think of living conditions of prisoners in some countries.


With the ambitious research project IMPACTUM, Prof Burbano Herrera aims to assess from an interdisciplinary perspective the impact of urgent measures in protecting at-risk detainees in six Latin-American countries. Previous studies on urgent measures have focused on the procedural legal aspects. But what about the practical, financial and political constraints that hinder the implementation of urgent measures?

By studying the full context in which urgent measures are applied, the project aims to develop a ‘critical normative impact framework’ useful to provide a deeper theoretical analysis, as well as insight into how to formulate urgent measures to maximise their practical protective effects.

IMPACTUM will thus uncover and present new knowledge on emerging issues with urgent measures that are currently unaddressed in academia and in practice.


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