Photo of Danielle Van Kalmthout, Human Rights Centre, Ghent University


Danielle van Kalmthout is a PhD Research Fellow at the Human Rights Centre at Ghent University. She studied International and European Law (Leiden University) and holds a Master European Studies (University Robert Schuman, Strasbourg).

Besides her research, Danielle works at the Policy Research Department of the Flemish League of Families. Here, she is responsible for sustainable development, environment and energy. Her main focus is environmental and health issues, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups. Before, she worked during 12 years for different European networks in the field of environmental affairs and renewable energy policy. Her last position was director at RREUSE vzw (Reuse and Recycling Social Enterprises in the European Union). In her research, she combines her experience in the domain of law, advocacy work on EU environmental policy and the issue of environment and health focused children.

Her research focuses on ‘Environmental rights and the position of children in environmental law’.


FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME Danielle van Kalmthout

POSITION PhD Research Fellow

E-MAIL Danielle.VanKalmthout[@]

TELEPHONE + 32 (0)474 76 26 47

SECRETARIAT +32 (0)9 264 69 11


POSTAL ADDRESS Ghent University, Campus Aula, Human Rights Centre, Universiteitstraat 4, 9000 Ghent, Belgium


  • PhD Research Fellow at the Human Rights Centre
  • Attachée Policy Research Department (Sustainable development, Environment and Energy), League of Families, Brussels


University Degrees

  • Master European Studies, University Robert Schuman, Strasbourg), France
  • Master International and European Law, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, Netherlands

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