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The Marketization of Citizenship in Europe

For many centuries, citizenship has been regarded as the highest degree of affiliation between an individual and a ‘self-governing’ political community’. However, in the last years, the development of programs around the globe are seeking to attract flows of foreign capital by different incentives, including granting legal membership with society in exchange for diverse types of investment. The thesis aims to compare the different constitutional standards for granting investment citizenship across states.


This is Prof. Dr. Clara Burbano-Herrera her Thesis Selection Process:

Step 1: the candidate submits a proposal via email to the supervisor Prof Dr Clara Burbano Herrera (, stating a tentative title. The text meets the following requirements:
(1) Text length: exactly 2 pages;
(2) Font: Calibri;
(3) Font size: 11;
(4) Paragraph spacing: before 0 pt; after: 0 pt;
(5) Text spacing: single.

Step 2: the promoter or commissioner will contact the student for possible assignment of the theme and in that case will make an appointment for an intake interview. When selecting a student, the motivation of the student is taken into account.

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