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Integrating procedural fairness in local approaches to multicultural conflicts

A long tradition of procedural fairness research has demonstrated in various applications that besides the final outcome the manner in which ones’ case is handled matters to people as well. According to relational models this is the case because fair procedures inform people that they are respected individuals and hold a positive standing within the group.  In this research project, a multidisciplinary is applied to approach to fair procedure with on the one hand procedural rights and on the other procedural justice theory as it has been formed by decades of socio-psychological research.

The crux the research is that requirements of fair procedure should not be limited to certain contexts, but instead should come into place in all manifest and latent conflicts at the meso-level of society. This is researched in the context of multicultural conflicts that occur in various local settings such as municipalities, companies, schools, hospitals and so on. In many of these local settings, the formal decision-makers dispose of a significant amount of discretionary power that often translates itself into undesirable outcomes for the involved members of ethnic-cultural minority groups.


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