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“Safe with the neighbours?” Actual and legal protection of forced migrants under EU externalisation policies: legal, sociological and political perspectives from Morocco.

Promotor: Ellen Desmet
Researcher: Ruben Wissing
Period: 2018-2021
Funded by: Ghent University

Description: The EU increasingly looks to outsource or ‘externalise’ its international responsibility to protect refugees and other migrants to third countries with whom it concludes partnerships, such as Morocco. This doctoral research project looks at what legal and actual protection there is for forced migrants in Morocco from a multidisciplinary perspective. It evaluates extraterritorial responsibility under international refugee and human rights law (doctrinal positive law perspective), examines what migrants themselves aspire and understand as protection (socio-legal users’ perspective), and assesses Moroccan asylum and human rights policies with a focus on the Global South dynamics (critical policy perspective).

Funded by
  • Ghent University
  • 2018-2021


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