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Dr. Pieter Cannoot

Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Academic Title Dr.
  • Email Pieter.Cannoot[@]
  • Phone +32 (0)9 264 68 22 / +32 (0) 499 21 03 46 (Cell phone)
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Dr. Pieter Cannoot's Bio

Dr. Pieter Cannoot is a postdoctoral researcher at the Human Rights Centre and the Centre for Constitutional Law (ConstitUGent). In September 2019, he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation “The right to personal autonomy regarding sex (characteristics), gender (identity/expression) and sexual orientation: towards an inclusive legal system”, under supervision of Prof. Dr. Toon Moonen and Prof. Dr. Eva Brems. Since October 2019, he is a co-lecturer of the Advanced Study of Constitutional Law and the Special Study of Law and Gender.

Pieter studied law at Ghent University, graduating summa cum laude. During his studies, Pieter worked as student-assistant at the Ghent European Law Institute (GELI). From 2014 to 2019, Pieter assisted Prof. Dr. Toon Moonen in the Bachelor course of Belgian Public Law and the Advanced Study of Constitutional Law. He also assisted Prof. Dr. Johan Vande Lanotte in the Bachelor course of Constitutional Law. He regularly gave guest lectures in the Special Study of Law and Gender, taught by Prof. Dr. Eva Brems.

He regularly publishes on LGBTIQ+ rights, and various topics of (Belgian) constitutional law. He has contributed to several third party interventions submitted with the European Court of Human Rights. He also acts as an informal legal consultant to various LGBTIQ+ interest groups.

Pieter is founding editor of the Belgian Constitutional Law Blog.

Dr. Pieter Cannoot's Publications

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Dr. Pieter Cannoot's Professional Positions

  • Academic Assistant,Ghent University, Faculty of Law and Criminology, Department of European, Public and International Law (2014 – ongoing)

Dr. Pieter Cannoot's Education

University Degrees

  • Master of Laws in Law, Ghent University, 2014 (greatest distinction).
  • Bachelor of Laws in Law, Ghent University, 2012 (greatest distinction).
  • Doctor of Laws, Ghent University, 2019 (Ghent University does not award degrees).

Dr. Pieter Cannoot's Sideline activities/memberships

Dr. Pieter Cannoot's work details
  • Contact Hours: On appointment
  • Visiting Address: Paddenhoek 5, 2nd Floor, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
  • Postal Address: Ghent University, Faculty of Law and Criminology, Departm. EPIL, Research  Group Human Rights and Constitutional Law, Universiteitstraat 4, B-9000, Ghent, Belgium
  • Blog:
  • Secretariat: +32 (0)9 264 69 11
  • Working Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Office Hours: 09.00 h – 17.00 h
Dr. Pieter Cannoot's expertise
  • Belgian constitutional law
  • Comparative constitutional law
  • Human rights law
  • Law and gender


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